Diana Urquiza



Here are the pictures I selected, some of the ones of a project which is called "Feminine nature" in which I explore this part of the feminine side of nature. In Mexico in the pre columbian era, the feminine part used to be seen as the nature, the seed, the fertility and the relation of the earth and the feminine cycles and views of creation, which later with the spanish conquest changed into a more christian point of view which transformed the fertility to the "pure and virgin" point of view. These are some pictures that for me represent this natural and feminine side. Some portraits and some other documents.

And some info of me: I studied Visual Information Design in Universidad de las Américas Puebla in Mèxico. Right now I'm working as a freelance Designer and photographer, I love photography, specially the process of learning something new everytime you take a picture, everytime you meet someone you are going to take a portrait of or just learning to see something with a different point of view from every other day. My work has a lot to do with nature and the relationship of people and nature, also I enjoy a lot portraits, showing this view from my point to the other one, and the interaction with the people you are taking the picture is the best, you get to know lot's of personalities.

Un gran abrazo! :)  http://www.dianaurquiza.com