Nejc Cotič



My name is Nejc Cotič, I'm from Slovenia and I can truly say I love what I do!!! :) I know and understand that my work and success has only depends on me. So, I try my best at every shoot to give you and if you don't know what you want then that just makes it more fun. I do my best when I know I can be as creative as I want, and I don't have to worry about getting the perfect shot. I love all the models and any kind type of photography, but most of it I dedicate to casting photography.

What I shoot?

[Casting & Models] [Stock] [Events] [Business] [Landscape] [Graduation trip] [Wedding]

Where I work?

I work across Slovenija and Europe, most recently I was in Greece on a graduation trip.

Studio or outdoor?

Hmm... depending on the type of photography, but I love nature and dynamic conditions. I also do in the studio.

What is your favorite camera?

My favorite camera is D700, why? Because this model of Nikon body I call it "Legend". Is full frame camera and offers you everything you need for work.

Do you work on D700?

Sometimes, I work with Nikon D2x, D90 and F5 (analog camera).

What is photography to you?

To me is photography like trip to Hawaii, because photography is a big expense cost, fun, work and hobby in one, excitement, a lot of travel and meet new people and cultures.


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