1. What are you most proud of?

This is really difficult to answer. I'm proud of many things but how could I choose one over all? But lets say that at the moment I'm proud and happy that I had the courage to travel to another side of Europe all by myself to spend one year . :)

2. Can we find you on Facebook or Twitter?

Yes, I'm using Facebook almost daily. I'm about to delete my Twitter profile because I haven't really used it.

3. Do you prefer a cup of coffee at sunrise or a glass of wine at sunset?

It sounds like mixing finnish and slovene habits – Finns drink a lot of coffee and Slovenes wine. ;) So let's say I should do both while staying in Slovenia!

4. With which famous person would you gladly have dinner?

Some old cool rock star, ha!

5. How do you help to keep the world a cleaner place?

Cleaner? By taking a shower every morning? Ooooh wait did I misunderstand something?? :)))

6. What kind of music would you definitely take with you on a desert island?

Rock of course! And also some finnish raggae for chilling – they make excellent lyrics.

7. Do you prefer Finlad or the European Union?

I think it's good to have own separate countries but still belong to EU. That's how it's easier to cooperate with other countries.

8. If you were Miss World, what would you strive for the most?

Hmmmm world peace – just like every other would say?

9. Are you doing any voluntary work?

I'm now going to work as a volunteer in Slovenia for one year. And before that I also did some volunteering in Finland. Work was mostly for sports – ice-skating school for kids, helping organizing floorball (indoor hockey) tournaments etc. We used to say that our sport hall is our second home :)

10. What piece of advice would you give to the younger generations?

Experience new things and travel while you still can!

11. How and why did you end up in Slovenia?

One year ago I started searching from the Internet how I could travel and even live abroad for a longer period. Then I found EVS (European Voluntary Service) and noticed that it would be perfect way to see other cultures. I took contact to youth center in city next to us and heard that MDPM Ajdovscina is searching for volunteer. I sent application and the journey began :)

12. What do you want to learn in this EVS year?

New culture, languages; learn basics of slovene and improve english, find new ways for working, enjoy volunteering and living in foreign country.

13. Your best Slovenian memory till now?

I can really say that I've enjoyed every moment here. So far I even haven't felt homesick because of meeting so wonderful people and getting really good friends. It was also really nice to meet other EVS volunteers on January – we will definitely keep in touch during our stay in Slovenia!

14. Did you get any friends here in Slovenia?

Just check questions 13 and 15 :)

15. How your day in Slovenia looks like?

I usually work from 9 till 16. After that I usually meet friends to spend time together. Every day is different and it's nice to get to know new people every week.

16. How would you compare living in Finland and living in Slovenia?

I think the culture is quite similar. But still of course everything is different when you move to new place where people and places aren't the same as in Finland. Luckily people have been very open and friendly for me so I've really enjoyed staying here.

17. Many of the young people in Slovenia and Europe don’t see a bright future ahead of them. Is EVS program maybe something that young people should use more, especially in these days?

Of course! If you don't have clear plans for future yet, it's a good to take some time and  travel abroad. Then you get new experience and way of thinking while considering what to do later.

18. Have you had any unpleasant experiences in Slovenia?

Not really. At least yet!

19. If a young person from Slovenia wanted to go to EVS program  in Finland, for example, what would you advise him or her?

Just take contact, if you have any questions about EVS or Finland I would really like to help.

20. What do you think about our youth centre Hiša mladih? Do you like it?

Yes I like! It's modern and people working there are really nice. And of course all the young people there are cool! :)

21. If you could ask the Ajdovščina Youth Centre anything you liked, what would it be?

Hmmmm. I don't have anything on my mind right now. If I have something to ask, I know where to find you ;)

The doors are open! :)