1. What are you most proud of?

My Family!

2. Can we find you on Facebook or Twitter?

Yes! And couch surfing too!  (A volunteer-based worldwide network connecting travelers with members of local communities, who offer free accommodation and/or advice other words worlds largest travel community!)

3. Do you prefer a cup of coffee at sunrise or a glass of wine at sunset? 

Can i choose pepermint  tea over coffee with some sunrise please?

4. With which famous person would you gladly have dinner?  

Ellen DeGeneres. Actress and Humanitarian besides that  so much more! Oh, oh and have such a great sense of humour :D Which i think i posses as well;D  So yeah besides that such an inspiration for all young girls  and many other people! :D

5. How do you help to keep the world a cleaner place?  

By Doing! And Teamwork :D!   

6. What kind of music would you definitely take with you on a desert island?

Music that makes you feel happy and makes you move, * Coldplay!! and many others all sorts off;D

7. Do you prefer Lithuania or the European Union?

'You are new 21 first century kids. Now these days all Europe is your home'  My grandma ^^

8. If you were Miss World, what would you strive for the most?

Togetherness! ;D

9. Are you doing any volunteer work?

Glad to say I am! :D

10. What piece of advice would you give to the younger generations?  

I will steal Confucius qoute which i am living to as well :D ´´Wherever you go, go with all your heart´´!

11. How and why did you end up in Slovenia?

By Plane! =D

12. What do you want to learn in this EVS year?

Teach, Learn, Share  »D

13. Your best Slovenian memory till now?  


14. Did you get any friends here in Slovenia?  

I did! :D

15. How your day in Slovenian looks like?

Some sleep, Some Sun, Some Food, Some teaching, Some sharing, and Some learning again ;DD oh  and of course lots of  smiles! :D

16. How would you compare living in Lithuania and living in Slovenia?  

Is like saying how would compare New York and Paris! ;D I love them both for their diffrences and amazing discoveries!

17. Many of the young people in Slovenia and Europe don’t see a bright future ahead of them. Is EVS program maybe something that young people should use more, especially in these days?  

Indeed! Evs centernly is a great fun and amazing experencie to try, given by European Union! Or as we like to say amongst our friends  '' I dont always do amazing things and travel around the world, but when I do, I  am volunteering! '' 

18. Have you had any unpleasant experiences in Slovenia?

I surely had of course! Never forget that everything what you experencie is like piano. The black keys also creates music!

19. If a young person from Slovenia wanted to go to EVS program  in Lithuania, for example, what would you advise him or her?  

Just do it Man!

20. What do you think about our young centre Hiša mladih? Do you like it?

I adore its simple, white surroundings  and  modernism!  =D

21. If you could ask the Ajdovščina Youth Centre anything you liked, what would it be? 

Are we going to do some pranks for April fools? :D Which turns to be Easter as well! Yay! Get your Celebration on!

Off course will do some pranks! Don't worry :)